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Valentines gifts for him!

I’m pretty excited to celebrate Valentines this year with my husband! Originally, our dating anniversary was on Valentine’s Day so it could get kind of stressful as far as planning and gifts would go. This year, it’s just Valentine’s Day for us just like everyone else and I think we may order some pizza and stay in! 🙂


Here are some gift ideas that may suit your guy to show you care about him! After all, that’s what Valentines Day is all about!



♥ The classic coupon book is a cute and fun way to show your love for your man in whatever way you want! Choose to buy one or make your own for extra points! ♥

Love Vouchers



♥ If your man is like mine, he loves to hunt and he’d appreciate a knife made just for him like the one below! Adam takes a knife with him everywhere he goes! ♥

Engraved Knife


♥ Reenacting your first date or a memory you had together would be a great gift! Maybe going to the restaurant you went on your first date or something you could craft like the picture below! ♥




♥ Getting him something that he could use everyday is a good thought! Try a hat or a nice beard comb with some oil! ♥

Beard Comb



♥ If he’s just as crazy about you as you are with him, then getting something y’all both could do together would be fun! Maybe movie tickets, or tickets to see someone in concert! Check out Groupon or Ticketmaster! ♥


♥ Adam loves to play video games and so do I! It’s fun that we have a lot in common and can enjoy playing together! Treat your guy to a game or a gift card this Valentines day! ♥


♥ Of course lingerie is always a given! Show him what ya got cause feeling good about yourself can’t be any more sexier to him! 😉 ♥



I hope ya’ll have a great Valentines and spread the love! ♥

Always, Karaline

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