Fun for the Holidays!

Hey ya’ll!


Christmas is quickly approaching as always! I thought I’d share some fun games or themes to do for the holidays! It’s always fun to be with friends and family and whether you’d like to start a tradition or just have a great time, here are some ideas!


Ugly Christmas Sweater– This is always hilarious to do and gives you crafty peeps a chance to show your creativity! You could have a contest on who’s sweater is the ugliest, most creative and funniest! Adam and I went all out last year! Lol see our sweaters below! We had ribbons to pass out for the winners, but you could do prizes too if you wanted!



Saran Wrap Ball– This is something new were going to try this year! All you need is Saran Wrap and the prizes you want to put inside it! You want to make sure the best prize is wrapped first! It could be money, or something really special! Then, you can add in some candy or a little reindeer nose to be festive until you’ve created this ball of prizes!

How the game works- Someone starts by unwrapping the ball as fast as they can while another person rolls 2 dice! Once that person rolls a double, the ball is passed around and someone else rolls! Once a prize is unwrapped, you get to keep it! Depending on the amount of people participating, the balls travels to each person until the last gift is unwrapped! I’m so excited to try this one!


Hot Chocolate Station– It may be pretty cold where you are around Christmas time, so a nice way to keep warm would be a hot chocolate station! Have a couple crockpots going with hot chocolate and then fun little things to add to it such as, marshmallows, peppermints, whip cream and syrup! Easy to do and easy clean up!




Dirty Santa/White Elephant– This has always been something I’ve done with my friends for years! We all get a $10 gift (whatever limit you want) that everyone could use! Then we draw numbers out of a bowl to determine what order everyone goes in. You want to be number 1 because you have to open your gift and even though your stuck with it for now, you will get to also go last and choose whatever gift you want after everyone has gone! Basically you get the best gift that suits you! Number 2 can either choose to open their gift or take from number 1 and it continues on! It’s so much fun because your not sure what you’ll be stuck with in the end and everyone has a blast!


Gift Card Exchange– My grandmother started this a couple years ago and I’ve always enjoyed it! Everyone buys a $25 gift card (whatever limit you want) and puts it in an individual envelope. Mix them up and pass them around so everyone gets one. Then she’ll read some Christmas story that you have to pay attention to because whenever she says the word “right” you pass your envelope to the person to the right of you! Same goes for “left”! You can get a little jumbled up but it always gets us laughing in the end and then whenever the story is over, that’s the card you get to keep!


The holidays are about spending time with loved ones and these are just a few ways you could spend that time together! Feel free to comment your favorite activity you like to spend with your family!

I hope everyone has a fun holiday!!


Always, Karaline

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