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Just in time for Halloween!


Fall is my fav season and October is my fav month! The weather is cooler, but not freezing and I can finally feel comfy in my pants since I wear them all year round. Most of all I absolutely LOVE Halloween! This year though, I don’t know what’s gotten to me! I just now decided what I was going to dress up as which is very unlike me! I usually have it planed months in advance and go all out. This year though is pretty chill, so I’m not going all out this time.

I wanted to share a few last minute costume ideas for anyone on the same boat as me this year 😉 There’s gotta be something laying around your home where you can throw a costume together! I added links for those who would rather buy the items if they don’t own them.

Unicorn- There is unicorn stuff everywhere now a days! I found a colorful tutu and these furry boot covers and wrist cuffs at Walmart a couple years ago! I just wore a plain purple shirt I had and added some purple hair color for my ends!


I bought this horn specifically for this costume, but there are a lot of ways to make your own even with just paper! They also have some cheap ones at Target/ Walmart! Links are below:

Target Unicorn Horn

DIY Unicorn Horn

Mermaid- This mermaid costume would be really easy to put together! Mermaids are really popular so it wouldn’t be hard to find some cute mermaid leggings and even if you didn’t want this top, you could wear a plain purple shirt!


Walmart Mermaid Leggings

Walmart Mermaid top

Jurassic Park- Adam actually gave me this idea since I wore this outfit not long ago and said I look like I’m from Jurassic Park or Tomb Raider :D. All you have to do is wear a hat and maybe add some blood! 😉 You could also add a little raptor companion to complete the look!


Target Raptor Blue

Target Hat

Scarecrow- This is what I’m gonna be this year. This costume is pretty easy since all you need is flannel and jeans/overalls! Maybe add some straw and of course you need makeup!



Walmart Hat/Straw

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween! Whether your partying, passing out candy or taking your kids out everyone deserves to have a good time!

Happy Halloween!!

Always, Karaline


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