Make it Personal

This is me!


I know I’ve accumulated more followers since I’ve started my blogging journey so I’d like to introduce myself to those who don’t know me!


My name is Karaline and I’m 25 years old! I am from North Carolina and have lived here all of my life. I am a newly wed since May of this year and I’m very family oriented! I do not have children yet, but I do have a cat that I consider my baby! I currently work in the finance dept of a biological supply company for almost 3 years now. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 6 years old which I inherited from my grandmother. I love to watch movies especially musicals! I have recently realized that I have a love for kickboxing through my women’s boot camp!


My husband’s name is Adam and we have been together for almost 8 years! We started dating our senior year of high school. Sure we have had highs and lows throughout the years, but who hasn’t? We never argue and I consider him my best friend! We have the same group of friends and enjoy spending quality time together! We hope to have children someday, but are just enjoying the married life right now! Adam is my rock and I can always go to him for anything and everything!




I have a very big and supporting family! I have 3 beautiful sisters (22,29,32) and a brother who’s 16! I am close with each and every one of them and consider them my support system! My sisters and I will hang out during any occasion and sometimes we don’t even need one! We keep in touch as much as possible and have each other’s backs! My brother and I have a different kind of bond I can’t compare with my sisters. We play video games and joke around a ton! I feel I can help lead him down the right path as he’s growing up. I like to consider that I’m like a role model to him!



Todd is my cat! No, I didn’t pick the name 😉 Adam’s parents gave us Todd when we moved into our first place and when Adam worked a lot of nights! I couldn’t ask for a better pet to keep me company! Todd is a Birman cat with beautiful blue eyes! He is very sweet and loves to lay in your lap in exchange for rubs of course 😉 He seems to know when I’m upset as he tries to comfort me which I love the most about him!




I have so much inspiration I don’t think I could express all of! I get my fashion inspiration from the women I follow on Instagram! It’s the only way I’d tried things I don’t normally wear and get outside my comfort zone. I recently collaborated with Thriver which is a mother, daughter owned business who tries to inspire others! You can check their website out at the bottom of this post!



I am trying very hard to work on myself and self confidence has always been a struggle of mine. Looking back a few years, I don’t know what I was worried about.  I have seen the changes I have gone through in just the past year alone and I want to better myself mentally and physically! I have done very well getting my diabetes under control so now to work on my weight and nutrition. I am trying to choose healthier options and have been doing a boot camp I have previously blogged about  and got great results from! See post here: Bootcamp

So there you have it! A little summary of my life and some of the people in it! I am so thankful your following me on my journey and would love to get to know my followers as well! 😀

Click the link below to view Thriver’s website:


Use code KaralineM at checkout to get 10% off!


Always, Karaline



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