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90’s Bar Crawl!

How you doin?!


Today’s post is about my 90’s bar crawl experience In Raleigh, NC this past weekend! I went in May 2016 and had a blast so of course I went back! See the pic of me in 2016 on the left below. (A much skinnier me back then!)



It’s no surprise that 90’s fashion is coming back so it wasn’t that hard to find something to wear for this event. Goodwill is a great place to check out some cheap finds! My friend Emily and I went to Goodwill and she found a really cute wind breaker jacket to wear around her waist! I wanted to change it up this time because a lot of people wore overalls the last time I went.


I found this top at TJMaxx for $12.99! I love that it’s not a full crop top cause no one is ready for that lol. I ended up wearing my husbands jeans which gives the baggy look and I had to fold them since they were a bit long. I bought this mini backpack and belt at Target as well as the shoes! OMG they had so much to choose from for the 90’s vibe!



Links Below:

Get the Belt by clicking the link here.

Check out this cute Bag!

Don’t forget about these cheap off brand Keds!

I originally wanted to wear a cute suspender dress with a sailor moon top and some high knee Luna socks! Sailor moon was my thing growing up, but it was a little more expensive than I expected. There’s always next time 😉


The bars that participated had certain drink specials that come with your ticket. I liked how some were 90’s themed! You can see the bars and drink specials below! You also received a cup and 90’d bar crawl snap bracelet! Each bar of course was different and even though we weren’t able to make all of them, we had a great time!



Always, Karaline


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