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All Business!


I wanted to share a few looks with ya’ll for business attire!

A little bit about my job- I have been working in finance for almost 3 years at a biological supply company. We provide many supplies for schools and colleges such as dissecting materials, lab supplies and cool microscope slides! Our dress code is actually pretty casual, but I choose to dress up just to feel professional and have a casual Friday. Ya’ll don’t know how many times I wish my work environment was like The Office! Lold31d4dfc84a37f5a1f76980541b6fda5440f4425

Anyways, I mostly wear dress pants and a cute top! I’ll throw in a dress occasionally, but overall, I love to be comfortable! I’m working on branching out and attempting new looks that I don’t normally do just to keep things interesting 🙂


I think this outfit is cute! You could wear some fun printed pants and a solid shirt so it’s not super loud!(Unless you wanna be 😉 ) I actually got both the pants and top from Cato! I believe Cato has the best work attire and I absolutely love these pants because they just slip on!



This next look is a little more casual! I bought these khaki dress pants from Cato as well! ( I see a pattern going on lol) I am also wearing a printed top with a high neck which is what I find most cute about it! FYI I tend to wear sandals ALOT during the spring and summer! Never really been a high heel kind of girl.



And finally, a dress I find appropriate for the office life! I got this dress from Cato and it was on sale for $8.99! I was in love with this deal and thought it was a pretty blue so I couldn’t pass it up! I tend to be drawn to ruffles recently which I think makes the dress look more elegant!



I hope this was helpful and please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions!!


Always, Karaline


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