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Vacation Attire!



Hey peeps!

As most of you know, I just recently got back from my honeymoon! I went on a cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel and it was the best experience I could ask for!! I thought I would share a few ideas on what to wear while out on vacation to give you that beach vibe!


If you have seen my first post, Outfit for the cruise! I blogged about a cute outfit I found from Target strictly for my cruise. It’s a green floral two piece set! It’s so comfortable and flowy!(also on sale 😉 )! The shirt is flutter sleeves which I LOVE! I wore a cute straw hat to complete this look and received a lot of compliments. Really anything flowy or floral is a good thing to have in your bag for vacation! I think this outfit was very nice to wear walking through the island or beach!



Ok, another floral outfit so be prepared! 😉 I think the thing I wish I could have done on the cruise, was pack a few more dressy things. I kinda felt out of place since I thought most people would be bummin it lol. Anyways, I did wear this cute romper with a maxi overlay! I love rompers once you can find one that fits you right! This could either be more for a nice dinner or even a stroll on the beach! It looks really pretty when the skirt moves!



If your like me, you may not want to dress up all the time and just wear something cute, but casual. I honestly would suggest a pair of linen shorts and a cute tee! I bought some blue shorts and ordered a wifey shirt! It was our honeymoon after all so I had to let people know what’s what haha! I knotted the shirt and then there’s my hat again! I have also seen cute tees with sayings like “Vitamin Sea” or “Hola Beaches” that I think are fun!



I hope this post helps ya a bit just to give you an idea what you could wear on Vacation! Be sure to follow and like my blog! 😉

Always, Karaline

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