Make it Personal


Happy Hump day ya’ll!

A few people from insta (follow me below 🙂 ) wanted me to do a blog about my experience in Charlotte this past weekend! The reason for going was to have my bachelorette party and let me tell you, it was soooo much fun!

I wanna start off by saying I have the best sisters and friends in the world! I have 3 sisters, 2 are older and one younger and we are all very close. Everyone did so well planning this weekend and got along which made the trip more enjoyable!

For those that know me, I am a planner and no one would tell me what we were doing the whole weekend which drove me nuts lol I was only aware of one place we would go to and that was TopGolf! I went to one in Florida a couple years ago and had a blast and when I found out one was in Charlotte, I couldn’t pass it up! It’s basically a huge driving range that you can play different games like getting the most points or hitting the ball to a certain location. They also provide amazing foods and beverages so you can relax and enjoy yourself. Did I mention they are also climate controlled!? Everyone had fun and was a great way to start the weekend!


After Topgolf we arrived at the Airbnb we were staying at. Looked a little ghetto, but no one bothered us and the condo we stayed in was nice. We got ready for our night time activity which was dressy night! I wore white and everyone else wore black! I will say my girls clean up good! We had dinner at Macaroni Grill and finished the night with some drinking and games at the condo.



Saturday was the crazy day! We all had tank tops where mine said Bride and the other girls had Tribe! I loved this theme and thought it was different. We all had feather earrings and used hair chalk and face paint to look more tribal! They surprised me with a “Funny Bus” tour that was so hilarious! The Funny Bus takes you for a 90 min ride around Charlotte showing you some sights along with a lot of hilarious jokes! You can also bring your own alcohol and drink it on the bus! The guide had it to where when we passed a church (there’s a lot!) everyone yells CHURCH and takes a sip of their drink! It was definitely an easy way to get drunk! Check out more about it here You probably can’t tell in this pic unless you zoom in, but the guide totally photobombed us on the bus in the background lol. You can tell everyone was feeling a good buzz!



After the tour, we grabbed a bite to eat at the 7th Street Public Market which had so many places to choose from! They had beer, pizza, grilled cheese, and burgers. I had me some yummy pizza and then we stopped at an arcade bar for a bit. Our last stop was the Epicentre where we spent so many hours drinking and dancing! It’s the center of entertainment in Charlotte for the nightlife! We went to World of Beer first where I had these AMAZING jolly rancher shots (pictured below). We then had some more grub at Whiskey River. I ordered a Philly steak cause it’s my fav and more shots!! Checked out Howl at The Moon who had live entertainment singing on the piano. We finished the night at Rooftop 210 that had an awesome DJ and we just continued to dance! My body was soooo sore the next day from jumping around and whatnot, but it was worth it! Luckily one of my sisters switched shoes with me since I didn’t pick the most comfortable ones lol


I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect and fun weekend with the best looking ladies! I would do it all over again! If you are ever in NC, I encourage you to hit up Charlotte and do some of these things! Let me know if there are any other sites I’ve missed for next time 🙂


Always, Karaline

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