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Tying the “Knot”

Hey guys!

Had to pause The Office so I can focus on this post since it’s been blank for 10 min lol.

So I’ve been really into this knot style lately! Yea, I know it’s always been a thing, but some people take a while to catch up 😉 I wanted to show you a couple ways you can use the knot method and different styles of shirts! Following some amazing women on insta really motivates me and helps with some awesome ideas! Of course, I still have a lot to learn so why not help others along the way right?!


So first, I got this top online and did not expect how big the fit is. And of course I looked at the reviews afterwards and had seen where it runs big…(always read reviews!!) I am also starting to love the velvet style! I love the color and feel of this shirt and figured I could knot it on the side and just keep the size I ordered. I was right to do so!

Another shirt a knot can be used for are button ups! These are a little easier to control how high you want your shirt to go maybe show some skin if ya want. It’s obvious I took the knotted pic first and then the before pic as you can see from the wrinkles 😉 I think depending on the shirt, you can honestly dress it up or down.


This last top I chose is more of a workout tank idea. It’s amazing how just a simple knot can appear to make you look slimmer especially with a baggy shirt!  Not all knots have to be in the front! Try this cute look on the back of your shirt!


That’s just a few ideas I had and wanted to share! Hope this helps and let me know what you think!

Always, Karaline



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