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All Business!


I wanted to share a few looks with ya’ll for business attire!

A little bit about my job- I have been working in finance for almost 3 years at a biological supply company. We provide many supplies for schools and colleges such as dissecting materials, lab supplies and cool microscope slides! Our dress code is actually pretty casual, but I choose to dress up just to feel professional and have a casual Friday. Ya’ll don’t know how many times I wish my work environment was like The Office! Lold31d4dfc84a37f5a1f76980541b6fda5440f4425

Anyways, I mostly wear dress pants and a cute top! I’ll throw in a dress occasionally, but overall, I love to be comfortable! I’m working on branching out and attempting new looks that I don’t normally do just to keep things interesting 🙂


I think this outfit is cute! You could wear some fun printed pants and a solid shirt so it’s not super loud!(Unless you wanna be 😉 ) I actually got both the pants and top from Cato! I believe Cato has the best work attire and I absolutely love these pants because they just slip on!



This next look is a little more casual! I bought these khaki dress pants from Cato as well! ( I see a pattern going on lol) I am also wearing a printed top with a high neck which is what I find most cute about it! FYI I tend to wear sandals ALOT during the spring and summer! Never really been a high heel kind of girl.



And finally, a dress I find appropriate for the office life! I got this dress from Cato and it was on sale for $8.99! I was in love with this deal and thought it was a pretty blue so I couldn’t pass it up! I tend to be drawn to ruffles recently which I think makes the dress look more elegant!



I hope this was helpful and please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions!!


Always, Karaline


Make it Personal

6 week ladies boot camp!

What’s up!?

In my previous post You got this!, I stated that I was planning on starting a 6 week women’s boot camp in order to become more fit. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably watched my video stories on my experience and progress. This boot camp was a great way to start on becoming a better and healthier me and I have learned a lot from it!

This boot camp was held at a Krav Maga gym where they offer Krav Maga, Kickboxing and Circuit training classes. I met up with a trainer to sign up and went over the Paleo diet plan they recommend as well as the days and times I wanted to come in. I chose to do Tuesday, Thursday from 6:30-7:30 pm and Saturdays from 10-11 am. I really liked that it was only three days a week so you could have time to recover and it wasn’t too overwhelming.

To be honest, I tried the Paleo diet for about a week and then I got tired of it. I kinda wished I pushed myself harder to stick with it. Paleo is basically eating whatever the cavemen would have eaten. You can only eat veggies & meats. No dairy, no nuts and no fruits. This was very hard for me, but they swear by it and I did feel a lot better after giving up my usual carbs. Today I am doing intermediate fasting when I eat from 12-8 pm and the rest of the 16 hours I don’t eat anything. This has probably been the easiest diet for me to stick with so far!

The first week of boot camp was rough. My body was not used to a whole hour of keeping my heart rate up and working hard. After the first week, bathing in Epsom salt from being so sore 🙂 I felt stronger! I also had one of my friends along this journey working out with me! There is nothing more empowering than a bunch of women with the same goals working out together and pushing one another!CTCT-20180624_155857                                                                  My wonderful group!


On Tuesday and Thursdays, we would do full body workouts! Some may have included weights or weighted medicine balls. Some exercises may have targeted a certain area more like legs or arms, but in the end we worked out everything! In between our sets, we had to keep our heart rate up so we had to do more squats or even run. We typically ended the class doing 1,000 abs which isn’t as bad as you think! It took about 20 min to complete all of them. Every day was different and I think that’s what I liked about it. You never knew what you were getting your body into 😉

CTCT-20180716_114348                                                                  Me jumping in the back! LOL

Our Saturday classes involved kick-boxing and I learned quick that this was something I really enjoyed! I’ve tried a lot of things such as cycling classes, HIIT and running. I absolutely HATE running! Lol Kick-boxing never gets boring and you are also learning to defend yourself! I felt so strong during these classes and would be excited for the next! Since boot camp is over, I am planning on teaching myself at my gym so I can continue to do something I love!

1                                                    Lauren wasn’t looking 😉


I am sad, but at the same time happy that boot camp is over. I gained almost an inch of muscle everywhere except my waist which stayed the same. I gained a couple pounds that I hope is muscle too and my before and after pics are below!




This is not where my fitness journey ends! I am now starting a fitness guide with Mari who you should deff check out! Mari is my new idol! She is down to earth and has been through what a lot of people have been through. I am hoping to be more like her and suck up my excuses and do what I need to in order to feel better about myself! Her guide includes more weight lifting and is a 10 week program! I’ll keep ya’ll updated on insta of my experience as well as write another blog after I’m done!


Always, Karaline